What Should Retailers & Brands Consider When Planning for 2021?

Webinar Summary

With so much uncertainty created by the pandemic, the outcome of a presidential election, and economic fallout, retailers have found it increasingly difficult to gauge what 2021 may hold for them and the industry as a whole.

Shopkick surveyed 15,000 consumers to find out their intentions when it comes to their buying plans for the future, including holiday purchasing, and what that could mean for 2021 spending habits. In this webinar, we explore how:

  • Brands and retailers are pivoting categories and redesigning store layouts to address consumer concerns
  • Technology is driving retailers’ ability to stay competitive in an uncertain time
  • Focusing on key strategies like frequently adjusting your messaging and creating win/win partnerships can enhance your stability

Duration: 1 Hour

Meet the Speakers


Daniel Hunt

Director of Insights and Analytics
Ferrara Candy Company

Daniel Hunt is a market research veteran and founder of the Consumer Insights and Analytics group at Ferrara. His team works across the company to uncover consumer needs, and drive business decisions across a range of functions from innovation and product development to advertising and sales.


Brad Godwin


Brad Godwin is the RVP for Shopkick, an innovative customer rewards platform helping retailers and brands launch products, increase sales and drive traffic. He is passionate about the shopper marketing space, the evolving world of retail and collaboration. Over his career Brad has worked across over 75+ brands, all channels and most key retailers. He is passionate about building teams and has had the privilege to lead and develop multiple high-performing teams throughout his career. He is a proud husband to Leslie and dad of three girls, Dia, Aria and Lucy.


Lei Duran

SVP, Retail Insights

Lei has spent the last 20 years as marketing and merchandising strategist driven by an innate curiosity about what motivates customers. She was a senior level client for the majority of her career at Fortune 100 companies including Delta Airlines, Miller and Walmart most recently before joining Geometry. She has a deep understanding of the fast-changing retail environment both as a merchant and marketer, which she infuses into every program to ensure it is impactful and changes behavior.