COVID-19 Shopping Insights V

Despite vaccinations, Americans continue to expect safety precautions when shopping in-store

For some, widespread vaccinations offer a glimmer of hope that life will soon return to normal. But with many Americans not planning to receive the vaccine, over 95% of consumers will continue taking safety precautions, and expect retailers to do the same.
Shopkick surveyed over 20,000 consumers to uncover current shopping behaviors and how the vaccine rollout will impact those habits. In the fifth installment of Shopkick's ongoing COVID-19 insights series, we'll cover: 
  • The current status of stockpiling and panic buying as we approach a full year of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Which health and safety precautions consumers will continue to expect from retailers, even if a majority of Americans are vaccinated.
  • Whether or not those who plan to receive the vaccine, or those who already have, will shop in-store and take part in indoor activities more frequently and comfortably.
  • How consumer confidence differs among generations.