2021 Shopping Outlook

Consumer Research Study

Most consumers say the pandemic has forever changed their shopping habits

With no clear “end” to the pandemic in sight, coupled with a new presidential term and pressing social justice issues, more uncertainty lies ahead as we approach 2021. As cases spike across the country, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on what shifting shopping and spending behaviors will mean for your business. Shopkick surveyed 14,000+ consumers to gain insights into probable 2021 habits, health and safety expectations, and more. 

Brands and retailers need to be prepared and remain flexible in the new year and beyond, as 60% of respondents said that the pandemic has forever changed their shopping habits. Our latest study reveals key insights as we approach an unpredictable new year, including:

  • How consumers plan to adjust their budgets next year
  • Whether consumers will prioritize low prices, safety, or convenience when shopping in-store
  • Whether or not a vaccine will influence consumers to shop in-store more frequently
  • How political and social justice issues will influence where consumers shop and how much they spend