As the winter holidays inch closer, Americans are already starting to think about how they will approach the biggest shopping season of the year, especially after many of last year’s celebrations were put on hold. To gain insight on when, where, and how consumers will be shopping, and how sentiment has shifted since last year, Shopkick surveyed over 23,000 consumers across the country. 

This first party consumer study reveals key insights for brands and retailers as they prep and plan for the 2021 holiday season, including: 

  • How the current economy and threat of continued inflation will impact consumer spending, and how holiday budgets compare to last year. 
  • If consumers will conduct a majority of their holiday shopping in-store or online, and which factors will influence that decision. 
  • Whether or not consumers will head to physical retailers or shop from home on major deal days like Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. 
  • How consumers expect COVID-19 to impact their holiday shopping plans.