COVID-19 Shopping Insights IV: Americans are Stocking Up & Spending Less


Though cases continue to surge across the country, consumers are still shopping in-store frequently and stocking up on essentials, according to Shopkick’s first party consumer data. But with little certainty of when the health and economic crisis will slow, consumers are tightening their budgets and thinking differently about non-essential spending. 

Shopkick has surveyed consumers across the country over the past 4 months to analyze new consumer habits and trends that arise as the pandemic progresses. The fourth study in our ongoing series (conducted from July 14 - 20, 2020) reveals new insights, including:

    • How the economic impact of COVID-19 has affected non-essential spending, and what adjustments consumers are making to keep up.  
    • How households in states experiencing high spikes of the virus are handling shopping needs. 
    • Whether or not consumers feel any more comfortable shopping in-store with many states entering second or third phases of reopening.  
    • If consumers are any more willing than they were last month to visit reopened non-essential retailers.