COVID-19 shopping insights III: Americans are ready for the new reality of retail

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As more and more states ease up on restrictions and roll out plans for reopening non-essential businesses, consumers are gearing up for the new reality of retail. 

In a series of surveys over the past several weeks (March 16 - June 2), Shopkick has analyzed trends in US shopping habits as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. Our latest findings show that general concern around the pandemic is on the decline, shopping frequency is increasing, and consumers are looking forward to the reopening of non-essential retailers. And while 82% of consumers responded that the pandemic was affecting how they shopped last month, that percentage has now fallen to 70%. 

The third study in Shopkick's COVID-19 series uncovers how consumer behavior has evolved from the earliest weeks of the pandemic to now, and provides key insights for brands and retailers as consumers adapt to this new normal, including: 

  • How often are American households shopping, and how have their spending habits evolved?
  • Are consumers still stocking up on essential items like toilet paper and bottled water? 
  • How long will consumers wait before visiting non-essential retailers after reopening, and where will they shop?
  • With non-essential retailers reopening, will consumers make a majority of non-essential purchases in-store, or online?