COVID-19 changed the world overnight... 

And in the 12 months that followed, consumer shopping behaviors continued to shift on a weekly basis. But amid all of this change, a handful of trends held their ground through a full year of crisis, and will likely stick around for years to come. 

In this report, we uncover 12 consistent trends from the last 12 months that brands and retailers should keep in mind when planning for the months and years ahead, including: 

  • The solidification that in-store and online strategies can no longer be an “either-or” proposition. 
  • The value of upholding a loyalty strategy, even when brand names aren’t as important as they once were to consumers. 
  • The crucial role of data, analytics, and customer insights to better understand irregular consumer behaviors. 
  • The importance of having a voice, standing for something, and telling an authentic brand story.